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Cradle to Calling (C2C) Education is homeschooling with the end result in mind.

C2C Education is built on four essential pursuits:

  1. Hearing God
  2. Elevating Relationships
  3. Training Character & Constitution
  4. Developing Passion and Purpose

No matter when a student begins, the C2C method has three phases:

  1. Discovering Interests
  2. Developing Passion
  3. Creating Strategy

Ideally, when families start from the beginning, the phases work out roughly like this:

  1. Pre-Phase (Prenatal through Preschool)
  2. Phase 1: Discovering Interests (Elementary Years)
  3. Phase 2: Developing Passion (Middle School Years)
  4. Phase 3: Creating a Strategy (High School Years)

The Mission

To empower families to raise kids with passion and purpose, and homeschool with the end result in mind. When our kids are educated to BECOME their best selves, they will carry the transformative message of Christ to the ends of the earth, and thats what it's all about right?