Can We Trust the Historical Accuracy of the Exodus Story?

A DVD Documentary Review

Have you heard that a great many of the world’s archeologists and historians don’t think the Biblical account of the Exodus ever happened? Apparently, they don’t see evidence for any of it. I’m not just talking about a mass migration of the Israelites out of Egypt, they don’t see evidence for the Hebrew people ever being in Egypt, as slaves or otherwise. And there are even some prominent Jewish Rabbis jumping on their bandwagon, saying these things are not historical facts, they’re just religiously important traditions. What? Sounds like confusion to me.

Jenni Stahlmann

Jenni Stahlmann is the mom of seven kids (ages 1 to 20) including one on the autism spectrum. She and her husband Matthew homeschool the whole brood. Jenni has been a journalist for more than 20 years, having covered government, business and family issues for a wide range of magazines and newspapers. Currently, she and Jody co-host a weekly syndicated radio show, write a weekly newspaper column and freelance articles and speak at churches, political groups and homeschool conventions about parenting on purpose.

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