Turn Your Kids Into Clean Machines (Notes)


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Ever struggle to start your homeschool day because you’re elbow deep in dishes and knee deep in laundry? It may seem mundane, and not at all academic, but cleaning is a very real part of the homeschool day. Wouldn’t it be great if you could mobilize your whole team of kids to clean the house with excellence?

In this talk, Jenni and Jody will show you a tried and true plan for teaching kids how to clean with excellence.

Jenni and Jody

Jenni and Jody

Jenni and Jody are Christian, homeschooling moms with ten kids between them (ages 1 to 30), including one on the autism spectrum, plus one baby grandchild. Together they host a weekly syndicated parenting radio show, write a weekly newspaper column, freelance for a variety of publications, teach parenting and homeschooling workshops and seminars, speak at conventions and conferences and coach individual families. They are passionate about encouraging and equipping families to Parent On Purpose (POP) with the end result in mind.

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