Project Based Learning Video Workshop


This 36 minute video workshop offers practical ideas for implementing project based learning in your homeschool curriculum through home-based projects and cooperative learning projects.

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William Butler Yeats said, ”Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.”

Our children need to learn, not to be taught! Project based learning is a great way to light the fire of education and inspire kids to learn.

In this video workshop, we offer ideas and tools for implementing project-based learning in individual home schools and in homeschool co-ops. We will share ideas for helping students apply their study and their knowledge to real-world problems, and how they can take part in projects that require sustained engagement and collaboration.

Jenni and Jody

Jenni and Jody

Jenni and Jody are Christian, homeschooling moms with ten kids between them (ages 1 to 30), including one on the autism spectrum, plus one baby grandchild. Together they host a weekly syndicated parenting radio show, write a weekly newspaper column, freelance for a variety of publications, teach parenting and homeschooling workshops and seminars, speak at conventions and conferences and coach individual families. They are passionate about encouraging and equipping families to Parent On Purpose (POP) with the end result in mind.

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