Montessori Principles Parents Can Use at Home

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The Montessori Method of education, developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori, is a child-centered approach to learning that has proven to be widely successful. Many of the Montessori principles can be used at home to give kids their best start.

This show is part of a series on giving babies their best start. Be sure to check out the other episodes in the series.

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This Week’s Show Topic

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In this final episode of a series about giving kids their best start, we’re focusing on a child’s fourth year of year, and with us is Lorna McGrath, the International Montessori Council Director of School Accreditation as well as the Program Director of the Montessori Family Alliance at the Montessori Foundation. Lorna also previously served as Associate Head of NewGate School in Sarasota, Florida, and in this episode of POP Parenting, she is talking to us about how some of the heralded Montessori principles can work at home.

Lorna McGrath

Lorna McGrath

The 4 Pillars of the Montessori Method are

  • Teaching to individuals not a the group
  • Recognizing that individuals develop at their own pace
  • Following a child’s interests
  • Learning together through collaborative approach of teachers and students

In this show, Lorna reminds us of the deep respect the Montessori Method has for individuals, which includes a recognition of different learning styles.

She also shares with us three steps to implement the “follow the child” principle:

  • Listen
  • Watch – you’ll see how kids think – then listen some more
  • Offer from observation what they’re interested in

The fourth year of life is all about the process, not the product, Lorna reminded us. OBSERVATION is key!

Don’t miss this, along with some practical tools for working with your 3 to 4 year old!

Caught in the Act

This week’s “Caught in the Act” mom is helping her son embrace an entrepreneurial spirit. Bailey Stiegler is a homeschool mom of three, ages 5, 9 and 11. She is the director of a homeschool co-op program for children from nursery through fifth grade and co-leads two 4-H Clubs.

In this episode, Bailey is telling us about her son Tanner’s unique business plan.

Bailey Stiegler

Bailey Stiegler

Tanner with his cow Belle

Tanner with his cow Belle

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Brother, Brother Music

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Hey, if you dig the sound of POP Parenting, we encourage you to check out Brother Brother! They are a super fun two-man Indie Americana band comprised of brothers Bradley and Brett Anderson. They have a new album coming out soon, and we have had the chance to hear some of it — it’s awesome! So go visit them, like them on Facebook and check out their music.

Jenni and Jody

Jenni and Jody

Jenni and Jody are Christian, homeschooling moms with ten kids between them (ages 1 to 30), including one on the autism spectrum, plus one baby grandchild. Together they host a weekly syndicated parenting radio show, write a weekly newspaper column, freelance for a variety of publications, teach parenting and homeschooling workshops and seminars, speak at conventions and conferences and coach individual families. They are passionate about encouraging and equipping families to Parent On Purpose (POP) with the end result in mind.

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