The Teen Party Dilemma

How many birthday parties have you planned for your children? If you’re like me, it has added up to quite a few. When the kids are very small, it’s pretty easy: just friends and cake. Later on, you can take your pick of whatever Disney character, popular toy, or favorite activity your child is obsessed with to focus on as a theme.

What about when they’re a little older? Once your child hits the upper elementary grades, middle and then high school, all bets are off. They may deem all your creative ideas as “uncool.” You begin to think that you have to resort to pizza and a movie for the rest of the birthdays you’re responsible for.

I was stuck in the same boat. My daughter Ashley’s sixteenth birthday was rapidly approaching. I wanted to try something different, something to create long-lasting memories for my special girl. I asked Ashley if there was anything she wanted to do.

Cynthia Schrock

Cynthia Schrock is a housewife and homeschool mom who describes herself as a Domestic Engineer in charge of housing, transportation, education and some finances, who loves to celebrate any chance she gets.

She grew up on the mission field in Quito, Ecuador with Wycliffe bible translators before moving to Florida. She and her husband Eric have been married for 24 years. They share a passion for teaching parenting and helping other parents find joy in parenting when there seems to not be any found. They have two children Ashley and Matthew, who give them a reason to celebrate every day.

Cynthia loves life and wants to live it to the fullest. Being a kidney transplant recipient she knows how precious life is. She does not want to miss one moment of celebrating, living life, checking things off of her “bucket list” and bringing others along on her journey to help them celebrate each moment. Come Celebrate!

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